Polycarbonate Carports

Strong.Durable.Modern.Affordable Carport

LIMELIGHT polycarbonate carport is assembled with 60% aluminum alloy frame, 35% polycarbonate solid sheet, and related stainless steel hardware accessories, which offer a modern, light weight, strong and durable structure shade to protect your car(s) from sun, rain, snow, hail, etc.

Assembling parts:

1). Structure: The frame is made of top quality and high intensity aluminium alloy and processed with electrostatic powder coating technology, which offer light weight, durable, strong and anti corrosion resistant structure in harsh weather.

2). Roofing/Shading Material: Polycarbonate solid sheet is made of 100% virgin materials from Bayer and Lexan, with one side 50 micron UV layer, prevent 99.9% harmful UV.


1). Single size: 3.0m(Projection) x 5.5m(Length);
2). Double size: 6.0m(Projection) x 5.5m(Length);
3). Extended size: 3.0m(Projection) x 11.0m(Length);
4). Customer size: Can be ordered.
5). Aluminum alloy color: Bronze tinted, White & Dark grey (Special color can be customized);

Aluminium carport frame

6). Polycarbonate roofing color: Clear, Bronze, Grey, Blue, etc. (Special color can be customized).

Aluminium carport roofing panel

Different Type Carport

Single Carport

Y Shape Carport

M Shape Carport

Extended Carport

Single Through

Single Plus Carport

Double Through Carport

Mini Bike Shelter

Main Characters:

Aluminium carport protect your car from wind and rain

1). Protect your car from wind and rain.
It reduces rust and dust, and keeps the wax effect of the car, so it helps you maintain the car easily.

Aluminium carport reduce the temperature rise

2). Reduce the temperature rise.
It protects the car from bright sunlight, and reduces the car temperature rise.

Aluminium carport easy to get in and out in the rain

3). Easy to get in and out in the rain.

When getting in and out, you don't have to worry to get wet in the rain. You can load baggage into a car smoothly.

Aluminium carport prevent the deterioration by ultraviolet rays

4). Prevent the deterioration by ultraviolet rays.

It reduces ultraviolet rays that bleach the car body and sheets.

Aluminium carport prevent from frosting and snowing

5). Prevent from frosting and snowing.

It reduces frost and snow. You don't have to worry to remove the frost and snow in the busy morning.

Main Structure Profiles:

The carport aluminium frames are well designed, they are very durable and strong to against strong wind and heavy snow.


Back Tube(1.8mm)

Side Tube(2.8mm)

Front Tube(1.8mm)

Back Holder(1.8mm)

HorizontaL Tube(1.8mm)

Down Strip(1.5mm)

Up Strip(1.5mm)


Private and commercial carport, car canopy, car awning, car shelter, garage carport, garden carport, car shade, etc.

Aluminium carport frame for patio shelter
Aluminium frame patio with polycarbonate solid sheet
Aluminium patio
Aluminium Canopy

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