Clear SUP Paddle Board

  • Clear Paddle Board, Clear SUP Paddle Board, Clear SUP, Clear Stand UP Paddle Board
  • Transparent Paddle Board, Transparent SUP Paddle Board, Transparent SUP, Transparent Stand UP Paddle Board


Clear SUP Paddle Board/Transparent Paddle Board


LIMELIGHT Clear SUP Paddle board is assembled with 1 pc full transparent board, 1 pc stand up paddle, 1 pc antislip pad, 1 pc foot leash, 1 pc removable fin, 1 pc silicone edge protect bumper, 1 pc crystal clear handle, etc. The paddle board is made of high quality polycarbonate virgin material from Makrolon and Lexan. It offers a full transparent window to help you discovering a whole new world under your feet. The clear SUP board brings you a unique and exciting paddle experience while you are paddling, just like walking on the water. The quality rubber mat and foot leash keep you in a safe and anti-slip condition. A longer board with removable fin allows greater stability in changing tides during excursions and safaris. 


Dimension: 3200mm(L) x 920mm(W) x 140mm(D)

Weight: 26Kgs/pc

Weight capacity: 150 Kgs

Paddle color: Black, etc.

Antislip mat color: Black, white, blue, etc.

Edge protect bumper color: Black, white, etc.

Packing: Strong and durable wooden box.

OEM & ODM: Acceptable.

Note: 1 complete clear SUP paddle board includes 1 pc full transparent board, 1 pc stand up paddle, 1 pc antislip mat, 1 pc foot leash, 1 pc quality silicone edge protect bumper, 1 pc fin, etc.


Full transparent: 100% clear paddle board help you discover a whole new world while paddling, and you’ll be amazed at what you can see: corals, reefs, fish, marine life.

Light weight: Only 1/2 weight of that same thickness glass, you can take it easily with paddle board strap.

High impact resistance: 4mm thermoformed polycarbonate paddle board provide a high impact resistance kayak, 250 ~ 300 times that of same thickness glass, 30 times that of acrylic sheet. 
Large space capacity: Capacity to safely & comfortably carry 2 adults.

Good Stability: High quality removable fin under the board included in the standard version improves tracking, a feature especially convenient for long distance paddling. If purchased additionally, the new optional outrigger system improves stability when in choppier waters and renders flipping practically impossible.


Hotels, resorts, aquatic sport rental companies, coastal lagoon, vacation homes, individual enthusiasts, etc.

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