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  • glow tour kayak LED light up clear kayak illuminate kayak night tour glass kayak
  • glow tour kayak LED light up clear kayak illuminate kayak night tour glass kayak
  • glow tour kayak LED light up clear kayak illuminate kayak night tour glass kayak
  • glow tour kayak LED light up clear kayak illuminate kayak night tour glass kayak
  • glow tour kayak LED light up clear kayak illuminate kayak night tour glass kayak
  • glow tour kayak LED light up clear kayak illuminate kayak night tour glass kayak
  • glow tour kayak LED light up clear kayak illuminate kayak night tour glass kayak

glow tour kayak LED light up clear kayak illuminate kayak night tour glass kayak

Model No.︰

Clear kayak-26

Brand Name︰


Country of Origin︰


Unit Price︰

US $ 700 / pieces

Minimum Order︰

1 pieces

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Product Description

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LIMELIGHT full transparent kayak/clear kayak is mainly made of 100% virgin polycarbonate resin from Makrolon Bayer in Germany and Lexan GE in USA, with incredible impact resistant and durability to ensure good quality and tourist safety.

Polycarbonate resin for kayak

Polycarbonate Sheet Impact Resistance Test Video: https://youtu.be/khrWVqQwtuk

Clear kayak comes equipped with an anodized aluminum internal frame system, dual flotation bladders, two pieces double ended paddles, two pieces seats and one piece retractable skeg system, etc.

The transparent kayak features a removable lightweight anodized aluminum frame system, allowing the user to minimize space consumption, thus making transporting and storage of multiple units easy and convenient.

The simple purity of the transparent kayak's elegant yet powerful transparent hull has an irresistible beauty. The Aluminum internal frame and the timeless, no-frills shapes of the kayak accessories create a sportive and modern effect. Classical exclusivity is conveyed by the sleek curves and brilliant transparency. Sportive seats designed for comfort not only make for a pleasant trip, but also meet your demands for quality and style.

This model is recommend for areas that experience calm ocean conditions. New retractable skeg system included in the standard version improves tracking, a feature especially convenient for long distance paddling. If purchased additionally, the new optional outrigger system improves stability when in choppier waters and renders flipping practically impossible. Unparalleled material durability, weather ability and impact resistant are among the transparent kayak's advantages. Impact resistant tests have included intense crashing against rocky shorelines, 20 ft drops, hammer blows and an ejection from a vehicle at 70mph.

Tests performed have proven that the visibility on a sunny day and during non-turbulent water conditions can yield views to depths of 75 ft plus for the exploration of new worlds waiting to be discovered.

Tests have included encounters with pods of dolphins, coral farms and nocturnal underwater sea life.


Kayak canoe size: 3350mm(Length) x 910mm(Width) x 350mm(Height)

Kayak canoe hull weight: 21Kgs/piece

Kayak canoe weight capacity: 200Kgs(about 4 adults)

Standard packing: Strong and durable wooden box + Protection film.

Colorful Paddle: Black, Orange, Red, Green, White, Yellow, Blue for your choice.


High Impact Resistant: 250 ~ 300 times that of same thickness glass, 30 times that of acrylic sheet. Please view polycarbonate kayak impact resistance test video as below, and you will know how strong the polycarbonate material is.

Polycarbonate Kayak Impact Resistance Test Video: https://youtu.be/WN2XLVdbL2w

Polycarbonate Kayak Drop Test: https://youtu.be/-_SN1nJxtGU(Transparent kayak was free fall from 10 meters high flyover, there was no any crack on the kayak hull)

High Light Transmission: Clear Polycarbonate kayak light transmission is up to 80%~90% that of same thickness glass, you can see underwater sea lift clearly.

Light Weight: Only 1/2 weight of that same thickness glass, you can take it easily.


Hotels, resorts, water sport rental companies, vacation homes, individual enthusiasts, etc.

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Price Terms︰ EX-Works Zhongshan, FOB, CIF, DDP, DDU, etc.
Payment Terms︰ T/T, L/C, Western Union, Cash, PayPal, Escrow, etc.
Packing︰ Standard carton box + wooden frame + Steel structure
Lead Time︰ 7-20 days after deposit
Facebook Page︰ limelightinternational

Product Image

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