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Product Description

Adopted the lastest coectrusion techinque, LIMELITE PC Transparent Corrugated Sheet is some kind of corrugated sheet mainly using German Bayer Makrolon polycarbonate resin engineering plastic and adding anti-ultraviolet material(UV) and other raw chemical material. A set of excellent physical features makes it as one kind of outstanding roofing tile. As one choose for the anti-rust roofing tile in the industrial building and side wall, LIMELITE PC Corrugated Sheet is popular by professionals for its high impact strengh, wide temperture adopation, high light transmission, and unlimited appearance can change itself to be any profile, which also makes it as the prefect lighting material for flat roofing. Enjoying many color chooses, the sheet is provided 10 years quality warrant. 
Product Features
Light Transmission

The light transmission of the sheet is quiet good, with the rate up to 90%.
Impact resistance
The impact strength of LIMELITE PC Transparent Corrugated Sheet is 250-300 times of ordinary glass, of 30 times of acrylic plate to the same thickness.
Simulated hail impact test: Using the simulated hail impact test machine to simulate hail impact. A diameter of 20mm (weight 4.8g) of nylon balls in the speed of 21m / s  launched on the model to observe the extent of damage. We found that glass and acrylic forces have been ruptured or broken, while the LIMELITE PC Transparent Corrugated Sheets are unbroken. In the real life, the speed of hail to the diameter 20mm,  can reach up to 21m / s.
Ageing resistance 
LIMELITE PC Transparent Corrugated Sheet’ is co-extruded one layer of 50um UV on one side preventing ultraviolet rays from passing through, which has an effect of  good weather resistance.The side of anti-UV treatment layer should be faced to the sun.
Light weight
Only half weight of ordinary glass, LIMELITE PC Transparent Corrugated Sheet is saving the costs in transport, unloading, installation, and supporing framework.
With the self-ignition up to 580 ° C, LIMELITE PC Transparent Corrugated Sheet can be  self-extinguishing after being away from the fire. Toxic gases will not produced during burning. And the sheet will not fuel the fire from spreading, which is reach  National Standard GB8624-1997 and flame retardant Grade B1.
Adapt to the larger temperature difference 
LIMELITE PC Transparent Corrugaed Sheet occurs no cold crisp in the -40 ° C and no softening in the 120 ° C. Even in the harsh environment, its properties, like Mechanics, mechanical, etc. have no significant change.
Rich Profiles
At present, more than 10 profiles of LIMELITE PC Transparent Corrugated Sheet can be choosed which can be convinent to be used together with Color Steel Tile of different profile.
Quality Warrant
10 years quality warrant is provided for LIMELITE PC Transparent Corrugated Sheet.
Colors:clear, clear blue, clear green, brown and milk-white
Length: based on customers' requirements (on the conditions that it is suitable for transportation).
Profiles: over 10 profiles for your choice at present:820-205、840-210、760-380、760-190、840-280、812-203、406-203、435-435、975-195、1000-250、740 -131、1140-131、930-79、910-31、930-76、950-237...

Application scope:
Gardens, greenhouses and indoor fish farming sheds;
Skylights, basements, arch roof and commercial sheds;
Roofs of waiting rooms and corridors of modern railway stations and airports  ;
Shades of public facilities such as modern bus stations, docks of ferries;
Lighting for factories, warehouses and markets.
       Green houses made of plastic film or other materials have the disadvantages of short life span, bad temperature and moisture insulation, high cost of frame, easy to be broken by hails as well as high maintenance cost. Choosing LIMELITE UV-PC
transparent corrugated roofing sheet can solve the above pro-blems. Light weight of PC sheets only require a light weightframe. Its high impact strength prevents itself from being dam-age by hails. 85% light transmission of the sheet is good for the fast growth and high harvest of crops. Its excellent temperature property enables it to keep in a good order in the temperature from - 40℃  +120℃ . The last but not least advantage of UV-PC sheets is its long lasting weather resistant
property which prev-ents the sheets from discoloration and inferior quality.

Notes for  PC transparent corrugated roofing sheet:
1.Never contact the surfaces of wet cement, acid or alkali materials;
2.Never contact the organic solution or glue and paint consisting of the organic solution.

Price Terms︰ EX-Works, FOB, CIF, etc.
Payment Terms︰ T/T, L/C, Western Union, Moneygram, Cash

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